Energy Audit Services

Energy Audit is conducted to institute energy efficiency programs to estimate design, commission and performance monitor of projects for energy conservation and suggest energy efficient measures and technologies of energy best utilization.

Energy Audits include Energy Audits – Walk through, preliminary and detailed Energy Audits and Infrared Thermography Assessments in the various industries such as Electrical, Construction, in Cities in Hyderabad India.

Energy Audit by Vardhini Enterprises indicates organization’s adherence to efficient energy saving technologies and measures and as truly Auditing Firm, offers Value Auditing Services in Energy Auditing by suggesting energy efficient measures. Auditing Services of Vardhini Enterprises are designed to meet Global Standards that deliver Credibility in adoption of Energy Saving Measures. To achieve this objective, professionally trained auditors are deputed to identify ‘Opportunities and Measures for Improvements’ in Energy Auditing.

Energy Audit requires to identify measures those are ignored in the plant and units. It assesses the effectiveness of structure for controlling energy use and implementing changes. The energy audit report establishes the needs for energy metering and monitoring in units. The energy audit also list down the action implement and sets the preliminary budget for the energy efficiency program.


Reduced expenditure on energy,

Reduced maintenance cost,

Optimization of process plants,

Reduced Carbon Dioxide,

Reduction of environmental impacts,

Regulatory compliance,

Conservation of natural resources particularly fossil fuels and other non-renewable fuels,

Market recognition,

ENERGY AUDIT Certification Services in Hyderabad

Energy Audit Certification in Hyderabad is issued by Vardhini Enterprises. The energy_audit is applicable to all type of Organizations such as Energy Audit for Hospital & Health Care in Hyderabad, Energy Audit for Trading in Hyderabad, energy_audit for Manufacturing in Hyderabad, Energy Audit for Service Companies in Hyderabad, Energy Audit for Software Companies in Hyderabad, Energy Audit for Medical Devices in Hyderabad, Energy Audit Construction in Hyderabad can implement the ISO system as per energy_audit and Vardhini Enterprises awards the accredited Energy Audit Certification in Hyderabad.

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